If you are looking for ways to lead a more environmentally conscious life, then it takes a little more that driving a hybrid vehicle and sitting out your recyclables each week. Sustainable living is a lifestyle that is all encompassing. And sure, doing things like recycling and driving a vehicle that is cleaner for the environment is a good place to start, but it is only the beginning of what needs to be done. And don’t get discouraged if you cannot yet afford solar panels for your home because there are cheaper thing you can be doing now.

When looking for ways to “green” your life, a good place to start is with your home. Whether you are an apartment renter or a home owner, there are plenty of things that you can start doing today that will help you work towards sustainable living choices. One of the biggest things that you can tackle with your home is its energy consumption. Even the smallest of studio apartments can be huge energy users if not optimized for energy efficiency.

The process of turning a home into something that maximizes energy efficiency is easier for those who own their own home since unlimited renovations can be done. Renters have their hands tied, so to speak, in terms of what can and cannot be done to upgrade a dwelling’s features for energy efficiency.

Regardless of your home ownership status, reducing the amount of heating and cooling needs for your home is something that everyone can do. A good place to start is with proper insulation of all windows, which is especially important if you have thin, single pane windows throughout your home. A great cheap fix for insulating those windows is a good set of noise cancelling curtains. Normally, these are used for sleeping to help keep out unwanted noise from the neighborhood, but they are also perfect for reducing your heating and cooling needs for the home. By design, these curtains are extra thick (to keep out all that noise pollution), and that makes them great insulating curtains. You can use them to keep heat inside the home during the winter and prevent the heat and sun from warming it up too much in the summer.

Another great way to lower your heating and cooling costs is to get a programmable thermostat. There are perfect for people who work outside the home because it prevents unnecessary heating and cooling when no one is home. These are fairly inexpensive devices that are easy to use. They are also great for when you are out of town or on vacation and don’t want to waste energy on cooling or heating an empty home.

Soundproofing your home is another way to reduce energy costs. Like the curtains, this method is designed to keep unwanted noise out of the home but also doubles as energy efficient insulation. Normally, this sort of thing is done when homes are built or renovated, and it may not be possible do implement such a thing if you are renting a home.

These are just some of the things that you can easily implement in your home to make it a bit greener. Starting with these puts you on the right path for more sustainable living at home.

When you pop in those earbuds for cycling and set out for your daily ride, what are you expecting? Well, if you are like most cyclists, your expectations are for a nice peaceful ride that gets your body some much needed exercise, gets you in tune with nature and maybe even gets you a little Vitamin D from the sunlight. Possibly the last thing to ever appear on your list of expectations is inhaling the pollen from those genetically modified crops in the field that you ride past. But with an ever increasing amount of land being allotted to growing those GMO crops, inhaling that possibly toxic pollen is just what could be happening when you take those rides.

Over the recent years, the anti-GMO grassroots movement has been steadily growing. It is being primarily fueled by people who want to be able to eat food that has not been modified in any way. Why? Because there are some health concerns when it comes to putting this possibly harmful “food” into our bodies. But as more and more awareness grows out of this grassroots movement, cyclists and other people who might come into contact with the GMO pollen and pesticides are becoming aware of it’s potentially ill health effects.

In fact, a recent article in Discover Magazine notes that this grassroots anti-GMO movement has really been gaining some ground in 2013. But unlike some of the anti-GMO activism that has been going on in Europe in recent years, the grassroots activists in the United States are not taking to the fields to destroy crops and generally vandalizing the areas where these crops are being grown. Instead, the activists that are a part of this movement here in the United States are going about it in an entirely different direction. They are seeking out lobbying groups and law makers who can assist them in finally getting some legal groundwork laid when it comes to these genetically modified crops.

Like many concerned citizens across the world, the anti-GMO movement in the United States points to the fact that there just is not enough science available to determine the safety of these genetically modified crops. According to that same article in Discover Magazine, the number of crops that are genetically modified and being grown in the United States is staggering. As of late 2013, it amounts to 90 percent of all the soy, cotton and corn planted in the country. So, if you are a cyclist who rides by any of those fields, then there is the potential for some possibly ill health effects over the long term.

So far, only animal studies on the GMO crops and have been and they have shown some alarming results. These studies are being used by the growing anti-GMO grassroots movement as a reason for needed regulation on the crops and seeds. It remains to be seen what, if any, legal steps will be taken to control or limit the prevalence of these crops in the United States. One thing is certain, however, that this grassroots movement is only getting stronger.

Have you ever entertained the idea of running your own shop in London? I think it is fair to say that most of us creative types have walked past various shops on our rush to the tube and had the thought that we could offer better products that what was being displayed in the window. Of course, if you are like me then your next thought goes right to the money involved in setting up such a shop. Since most of us were not born into wealth or have been able to squirrel away enough money to finance such a dream, what are us shop owning dreamers to do?
Well, if having a cute little pop-up shop ticks all the marks on your shop owning to-do list, then there might be a way for you to achieve that little dream. And the best part of all is the location where you can make this happen.

Camden Market is probably one of my favorite places to spend a lazy evening just strolling through the area and checking out what the vendors have for sale. I have bought several items that I did not really need on such a lazy evening. If you are a fan of Camden Market as well, then I have some great news to share with you.

You now have the opportunity to run your very own little pop-up shop selling your wares on Camden High Street. So, if you have been looking for an excuse to check out some of the best studio monitors under 200 so that you can finally put that music down in your tiny home recording studio and offer it for sale or make up those jewelry items or yoga meditation fountains to sell, then now is the time my friend. In fact, you can sell pretty much anything that you little heart desires – assuming that you have something that people are interested in buying, of course.

The people over at The Camden Collective are who you have to thank for making this opportunity possible for wannabe shop owners like you and me. What they are doing is preparing to launch C/159. Now, C/159 is basically a mega marketplace to house a variety of different pop-up shops that will give buyers a sense of shopping in a street market all in this one place. In total, C/159 will have 3,000 square feet of available space for the pop—up shops so that wannabe shop owners like you can display your wares for sale to the public.
Now, in order to take part in this exciting new opportunity, you do have to go through The Camden Collective. And, there is a commitment required in terms of the length of renting out a stall for your pop-up shop. Right now, they are looking for people who can commit to manning a pop-up shop from February through October. Obviously, that does not get you that lucrative holiday shopping crowd, but you might do quite well over Valentine’s Day and with the summer tourism season.

If you are ready to get a jumpstart on your shop owning dream, then go on and secure your space today!